"Andersen is one of America's finest lyric-poet songwriters...he stands with his contemporaries Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell - as one of the few remaining pioneers of the 60's singer/songwriter movement continuing to do important work."
Aquarian Weekly


The Writer Series



The compilation "The writer Series" contains the three productions given below. The vinyl LP box set limited to 500 pieces additionally besides a poster & an autograph card signed by Eric Andersen! 

3-LP (180g), 12" box set w/ poster & autographed card, Ltd. edition of 500. 24 tracks, total playing time approx. 117 min
Vinyl: LPMR242 box set, UPC: 4260088442420, 3-CD (Digipak, slipcase), 26 tracks, total playing time approx. 123 min. CD: CDMR243, UPC: 4260088442437

All lyrics and music written and composed (except where noted) by Eric Andersen.
This music and lyrical edition © Wind and Sand Music. Publishing administration by BMG/Chrysalis Worldwide. Performance collection rights ASCAP/Gema. ©+℗Meyer Records 2020 Front cover painting of Eric Andersen by Oliver Jordan.
Distributed by MVDaudio

Birth Of A Stranger: Shadow And Light Of Albert Camus



LPMR222 (180g), 12", Gatefold, UPC: 4-260088-44222 2
CDMR223 (Digipak), UPC: 4-260088-44223 9

1 The plague (Song of denial)
2 The stranger (Song of revenge)
3 The fall (Song of gravity)
4 The rebel (Song of revolt)
5 Song of sisyphus (Song of rock and roll)
6 Confessions of a judge penitent (Song of deception)

Eric Andersen – Vocal and guitar, Recitation and musical soundtrack Robert Aaron – Musical soundtrack Michele Gazich – Viola Cheryl Prashker – African Djembe and percussion
Reinhard Kobialka –Drum programming
Steve Postell – Rhythm electric guitar, solo slide guitar, and bass Scarlet Rivera – Violin

Soundtrack recording by Robert Aaron, New York, NY. Additional djembe recording by Paul Mills at Millstream Studios, London, Ont. Additional viola recording by Paolo Costola, MacWave Studios, Brescia.
Additional recordings engineered by Steve Postell at Katonah Studios in Los Angeles, California; Paolo Costola at MacWave Studios in Brescia, Italy; Paul Mills at Millstream Studios in London, Ontario; Glenn Barratt at Morning Star Studios in East

Produced by Eric Andersen and Reinhard Kobialka, Mixed and mastered by Reinhard Kobialka, Topaz Audio Studios, Cologne. Norriton, Pennsylvania, Cover painting by Oliver Jordan. ©+℗Meyer Records 2018

Silent Angel: Fire and Ashes of Heinrich Böll



LPMR220 (180g), 12", Gatefold, UPC: 4-260088-44220 8
CDMR221 (Digipak), UPC: 4-260088-44221 5

1 Wenn Das Wasser Im Rhein Gold'ner Wein Wär
2 Silent Angel
3 Thank You, Dearest Leader
4 Face Of A Clown
5 Silence
6 Wenn Das Wasser Im Rhein Gold'ner Wein Wär (Instrumental)

All songs written by Eric Andersen. Copyright © 2017 Wind and Sand Music ASCAP/GEMA. Administered World-Wide BMG/Chrysalis. All rights reserved.
Produced by Eric Andersen and Reinhard Kobialka for Meyer Records.
Executive Producer Werner Meyer for Meyer Records Wenn das Wasser im Rhein gold’ner Wein wär Words: Heinz Böninghausen, Music: Werner Stamm (Polydor 1951) All songs recorded and mastered at Topaz Audio, Cologne, Germany, May 2017. Reinhard Kobialka – Recording engineer. Additional recording at Katonah Studios, Del Ray (Los Angeles), California. Steve Postell – Recording engineer. MacWave Studios Brescia, Italy. Paola Costola – Recording engineer. Morning Star Studios, East Norriton, Pennsylvania. Glenn Barratt – Recording Engineer.

Eric Andersen – Vocal and guitar Martell Beigang – Drums
Harald Rutar – Accordion Michele Gazich – Violin Steve Postell – Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar Cheryl Prashker – Percussion Paintings of Eric Andersen and Heinrich Böll by Oliver Jordan. Photographically reproduced by Maurice Cox. Photograph of Heinrich Böll by Hannes Jähn. Cover Photograph and design by Werner Meyer ©Meyer Originals This album is dedicated to the wonderful artist and friend René Böll. I will also dedicate it to the memory of René’s father, Heinrich Böll, and to all the other brave resisters, protesters, and freedom-fighter writers in this world who hold their pens high to break and bury the broken swords! ©+℗Meyer Records 2017

Mingle With The Universe: The Worlds Of Lord Byron



1. There'll be none of beauty's daughters 
2. Song to Augusta 
3. She walks in beauty 
4. Hail to the curled darling 
5. Farewell to a lady 
6. Child Harold's farewell 
7. Albion 
8. Fifty times 
9. Darkness 
10. Taqsim 
11. Mingle with the universe 
12. Maid of Athens 

Bonus (CD only):
13. When we two parted 
14. So we'll go no more a-roving

Eric Andersen: Vocals, guitar, harmonica, and low harmony on “Mingle With The Universe.” 

Inge Andersen: All backup harmonies

Michele Gazich: Violin

Giorgio Curcetti: Oud, bass, and electric guitar
Cheryl Prashker: Djembe, drum kit, and percussion

Paul Zoontjens: Steinway B piano

Produced by Eric Andersen and the Byronic Players. Executive Producer: Werner Meyer.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Reinhard Kobialka at Topaz Studios, Cologne, in January and February 2016. Additional percussion recording by Glenn Barratt at Morning Star Studios, East Norriton, PA.

Back cover painting of Lord Byron and booklet painting of Eric Andersen by Oliver Jordan. Cover photo, interior band photo at the Café Central, and package design by Werner Meyer for Meyer Originals. 
Photo of Eric Andersen at Newstead Abby by Michele Gazich (Eric Andersen Archives).

All lyrics and music written and composed (except where noted) by Eric Andersen
 and Lord George Gordon Byron.

This music and lyrical edition © Wind and Sand Music, 2017. Publishing administration by BMG/Chrysalis Worldwide. Performance collection rights ASCAP/Gema, ©+℗Meyer Records 2017

The Cologne Concert


1.  Dance Of Love And Death
2.  Time Run Like A Freight Train
3.  Sinking Deeper Into You
4.  Woman She Was Gentle
5.  Salt On Your Skin
6.  Blue River
7.  Last Thing On My Mind

Eric Andersen - vocals, piano, guitar
Michele Gazich - violin
Inge Andersen - harmonies

All songs written by Eric Andersen except "Last Thing On My Mind" by Tom Paxton

Produced by Eric Andersen and Werner Meyer for MEYER RECORDS
Distributed by Bear Family Records, Made in the EU, Concert recorded March 25, 2010 at THEATER DER KELLER - Cologne, Germany. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Reinhard Kobialka - Topaz Audio Studios, Art Design & Photographs by ©MEYER ORIGINALS, ©+℗Meyer Records 2011

Blue Rain


1. Other Side of This Life
2. The Blues Keep Fallin' Like the Rain
3. Trouble in Paris
4. Runaway
5. Don't it Make You Wanna Sing the Blues
6. Sheila
7. Goin' Gone
8. Losing Hand
9. Shame, Shame, Shame
10. Blue River
11. You Can't Relive the Past (Bonus Track)

Eric Andersen Live
Blue Mood Records
Grappa Musikkforlag
BMCD 6503 Released 2007.

So Much on My Mind – The Eric Andersen Anthology 1969-1980


1. Secrets
2. Sign of a Desperate Man
3. (We Were) Foolish Like the Flowers
4. Wind and Sand
5. Is it Really Love at All
6. Blue River
7. Moonchild River Song
8. Baby, I'm Lonesome
9. Time Run Like a Freight Train
10. Woman, She was Gentle
11. Be True to You
12. Sweet Surprise
13. Love is Just a Game
14. Violets of Dawn (Live)
15. Close the Door Lightly (When You Go)
16. Thirsty Boots (Live)
17. Messiah

Raven Records
RVCD-247 Released 2007
Made in Australia.



1. Once I Was (Tim Buckley - Larry Beckett)
2. Ramblin' Boy (Tom Paxton)
3. I've Got a Secret (Fred Neil)
4. Pale Blue Eyes (Lou Reed)
5. Golden Bird (Happy Traum)
6. John Brown (Bob Dylan)
7. Changes (Phil Ochs)
8. Today is the Highway (Eric Andersen)
9. On The Road Again( Tom Rush)
10. Coconut Grove (John Sebastion - Zal Yanovsky)
11. Bold Marauder (Richard Farina)
12. Hymn of Waves (Eric Andersen)
13. Thirsty Boots (Eric Andersen)

Appleseed Records
Great American Song Series Vol. 2  
APR 1092 Released 2005. 

The Street Was Always There


1. Little Bit of Rain (Fred Neil)
2. These 23 Days in September (David Blue)
3. Universal Soldier (Buffy Sainte-Marie)
4. Johnny Half-Breed (Peter LaFarge)
5. Waves of Freedom (Eric Andersen)
6. I Ain't Marching Anymore (Phil Ochs)
7. Louise ( Paul Siebel)
8. Misty Roses (Tim Hardin)
9. White Boots Marching in a Yellow Land (Phil Ochs)
10. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Bob Dylan)
11. Many a Mile (Patrick Sky)
12. The Other Side of This Life (Fred Neil)
13. The Street Was Always There (Eric Andersen)
14. Phil Ochs speaks

Great American Song Series Vol. 1
Appleseed Records
APR 1082 Released 2004. 



CD 1
1. Ain't No Time to Blled
2. Before Everything Changed
3. Salt On Your Skin
4. Song Of You And Me
5. Shape OF A Broken Heart
6. Great Pyramid
7. Under The Shadows
8. Rains Are Gonna Come
9. Runaway
10. Stupid Love
11. Still Looking For You
12. Feel Like Comin' Home

CD 2  
1. Beat Avenue
2. Blue Rockin' Chair

Appleseed Records
APR 1068 Released 2003.
Produced by Eric Andersen for Play-it-by-Ear productions.
Recorded and mixed on Studer and Ampex analog machines by David Seitz at Theater 99, New York City, April - May 2002

You Can't ReliveThe Past*


1. Eyes of the Immigrant
2. You Can't Relive the Past (EA/Lou Reed)
3. Gonna Go Crazy
4. The Meadow Lark (EA/Townes Van Zandt)
5. Once in a Pale Blue Moon
6. Stand Me Up Easy
7. Dear Mama
8. The Road (EA/Townes Van Zandt)
9. Cold Country
10. Night Train (EA/Townes Van Zandt)
11. Magdalena
12. The Blue March (EA/Townes Van Zandt)
13. Fat Possum Reprise (EA/ instrumental)

Appleseed Records
APR 1032(Redhouse/Koch distrib.), Norske Gram Records-EMI, Scandanavia. Released 2000.
Produced by Eric Andersen. Recorded at Live Wire Studios, New York (by Steve Gaboury) and Money Shot Studios, Water Valley, Mississippi (Bruce Watson).
Mixed by Steve Gaboury, NY. Mississippi
Musicians: Eric Andersen, vocals, guitar and harmonica; Sam Carr, drums; Kenny Brown, slide; James "Super Chikan" Johnson, guitar. New York Musicians: Eric Andersen, vocal, guitar and harmonica; Lou Reed, guitar and vocal; Ismael Bruno, percussion; Artie Traum, Spanish guitar; Lucy Kaplansky, backing vocals; Dan Hovey, slide guitar; Eric Frielander, cello; Robert Aaron, flute, piano and clarinet. Liner Notes: Anthony DeCurtis.
Cover Photo: Unni Askeland.

Violets of Dawn*


1. Boot of Blue
2. Rambler's Lament
3. Violets of Dawn
4. Thirsty Boots
5. Hey Babe, Have You Been Cheatin' *
6. The Hustler
7. Close the Door Lightly When You Go
8. Song to JCB
9. Dusty Box Car Wall
10. Come To My Bedside
11. Looking Glass
12. Just a Country Dream**
13. Eyes Gently Rollin' **
14. On the Edge of You
15. All I Remember is You **
16. Rollin' Home
17. Miss Lonely Are You Blue
18. Broken Hearted Mama

Compilation CD 79539-2 selected and produced by Tom Vickers. Liner notes by Billy Altman. Released 1999. Selections and musicians from 6 original Vanguard 60's vinyl recordings, including the New Folks album, 'Bout Changes 'n Things Take 2*, and Just A Country Dream**.
Cover Photo: Joel Brodsky.

Memory Of The Future *


1. Blue Heart*
2. Foghorn
3. Sudden Love
4. Rain Falls Down In Amsterdam*
5. Goin Gone*
6. Memory Of The Future **
7. Sex With You
8. Chinatown
9. No Man's Land**
10. When I'm Gone
11. Hills Of Tuscany

Appleseed Records APR 1028
(Redhouse/Koch distrib.). (Produced by Howie
Epstein*, Eric Andersen, Jonas Fjeld, Robert Aaron**.
Album co-producer: Ingar Helgesen. Eric Andersen: Vocal, guitar, harmonica. Los Angeles musicians-- Howie Epstein: Bass, acoustic and slide guitars, vocal harmony. Benmont Tench: Keyboards. Joe Ramosa: Drums. John Beasley: Keyboards. Richard Thompson: Electric guitars. Sari Andersen: Backing harmonies. New York musicians-- Rick Danko: Bass and harmonies. Tony Garnier: electric and acoustic double bass. Robert Aaron: Keyboards, keyboard bass, soprano, tenor, and baritone saxophones, flute, trumpet, Hammon B-3 organ, percussion. Jon Gordon: Electric guitar. Ismael Bruno: Percussion. Garth Hudson: Accordians, tenor sax. Eleanor Mills: Backup vocals. Norway musicians-- Jonas Fjeld: Acoustic, high-string, aritone guitars, keyboards, pump-organ, and harmony vocal. Per Hillestad: Drums and percussion. Dag Arve Sandenes: Electric guitar. Steve Addabbo: Electric guitar.. Ingrid Kindem: Acoustic grand piano. Frode Larsen: Bass. Unni Askeland: duet vocal and backgound vocals). Recorded West Hollywood, Santa Monica, New York, Oslo, Asker, and Drammen.
Release Appleseed, 1998. Liner notes: David Fricke.
over Photo: Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, NYC.
Normal Records, Germany N220,
distributed by Indigo 8620-2/LC8820



1. Moonchild River Song
2. Be True To You
3. Ol' 55 (Tom Waits)
4. Time Run Like A Freight Train
5. Liza, Light The Candle
6. Woman, She Was Gentle
7. Love Is Just A Game
8. Lost In A Song
9. How It Goes
10. Down At The Cantina
11. Sweet Surprise
12. Love Will Meet Again
13. I Shall Go Unbounded
14. Violets Of Dawn
15. Thirsty Boots

Bonus track
15. Sunshine And Flowers

Archive Recordings, New York
(Remastered compilation album of three Arista recordings: Be True To You, Sweet Surprise, Best Songs. Compilation produced by Barry Ehrmann. Track sequencing by Nick Cinque. 24 bit SMB digital mastering by Mark Wilder at Sony, NY. Personnel the same as the originals: Be True To You, Sweet Surprise, and Best Songs). Archive ACH80017, 1997.
Cover Photo montage: Edie Baskin.

Ridin' On The Blinds * (DANKO FJELD ANDERSEN)


1. Ridin' On The Blinds (EA/Jonas Fjeld/Rick Danko)
2. Twighlight (Robbie Robertson)
3. Dimming Of The Day (Richard Thompson)
4. Ragtop (EA/Jonas Fjeld/Rick Danko)
5. Come Runnin' Like A Friend
6. Women 'Cross The River (David Olney)
7. Lie With Me
8. All Creation (EA/Rick Danko)
9. Outside Track (Henry Lawson/Gerry W. Hallum)
10. Every Man Is His Own Hero (EA/Jonas Fjeld/Rick Danko)
11. Baby I'm Lonesome
12. Your Eyes (Jonas Fjeld/Jim Sherradan)
13. Bottle Of Wine (Tom Paxton)
14. Keep This Love Alive (EA/Rick Danko)

Grappa Records (Norway) Rykodisc world-wide.
(Produced by Danko, Fjeld, Andersen, Ingar Helgessen. Eric Andersen: Vocals, guitar, Hammond B-3 organ. Rick Danko: Vocals, bass, guitar. Jonas Fjeld: vocals, guitars. Knut Reirsrud: Electric and acoustic guitars, harmonics, Tyrkish saz, slide guitar, electric sitar, Langeleik guitar, baritone guitar. Kristin Skaare: Grand piano, accordian, Fender Rhodes piano, Harmonium. Garth Hudson: Accordian, Kurzweil keyboards, Hammond B-3 organ. Rune Arnesen: Drums and percussion. Hallvard T. Bjørgum: Hardanger fiddle. Bugge Wesseltolt: Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond B-3 organ. Bent Bredesen: Electric lead guitar (Come Runnin'). Tone Hulbækmo: Norwegian medieval harp, harmonium. Hans Fredrik Jakobsen: Medieval Swedish bagpipes. Norwegian selje flute, wooden flutes, kantele Finnish lap harp. Kirsten Bråten Berg: Duet voice on "Dimming Of The Day." Ed Kaercher: Harmony on "Twighlight." Jørun Bøgeberg: Martin acoustic guitar bass. Lillebjørn Nilsen: Banjo. Members of the Oslo Gospel Choir: Backup harmonies).
Recorded in Oslo. Released Grappa GRCD 4080,
1993.Rykodisc, 1994. Liner notes: Eric Andersen.
Cover Photo: Fin Serok-Hanssen.

Stages: The Lost Album*


1. Baby, I'm Lonesome
2. Mnnchild River Song
3. Can't Get You Out Of My Life
4. Woman, She Was Gentle
5. Time Run Like A Frieght Train
6. Wild Crow Blues
7. Be True To You
8. I Love To Sing My Ballad, Mama (But They Only
Wanna Hear Me Rock And Roll)
9. Dream To Rimbaud
10. Make It Last (Angel In The Wind)
11. Lie With Me
12. Soul Of My Song (Jonas Fjeld, Ole Paus, Willie Nile)

Columbia Legacy
Records (Sony). (Produced Norbert Putnam.
Eric Andersen: Vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica. Acoustic and electric guitars: Teddy Irwin, Eddie Hinton, Andy Johnson, Reggie Young, Leon Russell, Troy Seals. Bass: Norbert Putnam, Tommy Cosgrove. Drums: Kenny Malone, Kenny Buttrey. Piano: David Briggs, Leon Russell, Debbie Green Andersen. Hammond B-3 organ: Glenn Spreen, David Briggs. Wurlitzer electric piano: Leon Russell. Acoustic stand-up bass, arco bass, cello, harmonium: Norbert Putnam. Percussion: Farrell Morris, Charlie McCoy. Steel Guitar: Pete Drake, Weldon Myrick. Gut string guitar: Grady Martin. Background vocals: Joan Baez, Florence Warner, Dan Fogelberg. Three new bonus track recordings: Produced by Steve Addabbo. Eric Andersen: Vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica. Acoustic, 12-string, and electric guitars: Jonas Fjeld, Jon Gordon, Wille Nile, Joe Spivey. Bass: Rick Danko. Drums: Andy Newmark. Accordian: Garth Hudson. Synthesizer: Steve Addabbo. Mandolin and concertina: Eric Bazillian. Fiddle: Joe Spivey. Background singers: Rick Danko and Shawn Colvin). Recorded in Nashville and New York, 1972-73 and 1990. Columbia original
CD 47120, 1991. Liner Notes: Anthony DeCurtis.
Cover Photo: David Gahr.

Danko Fjeld Andersen *


1. Driftin' Away (EA with Rick Danko)
2. Blue Hotel (Jonas Fjeld/Jim Sherraden)
3. One More Shot (Paul Kennerly)
4. Mary I'm Comin' Back Home
5. Blue River
6. Judgement Day (fiddle slått)
7. When Morning Comes To America
(Jonas Fjeld/Jim Sherradan)
8. Wrong Side Of Town (Eric Andersen/Jonas Fjeld)
9. Sick And Tired (Chris Kenner)
10. Angels In The Snow (Jonas Fjeld/Ole Paus/
Eng. lyrics EA)
11. Blaze Of Glory (Johnny Slate/Danny
Morrison/Larry Keith)
12. Last Thing On My Mind (Tom Paxton)

Stageway/Mercury Records
(Scandanavia) Rykodisc, world-wide. (Produced by Rick Danko, Jonas Fjeld, Eric Andersen, and Ingar Helgessen. Eric Andersen: Vocals, guitar, piano. Jonas Fjeld, Vocals and guitars. Rick Danko: Vocals,bass, guitar. Rune Arnesen: Drums and percussion.Kristine Skaare: Piano and accordian. Knut Riersrud: Electric guitars, piano, harmonica. Lasse Hafræger: Hammond B-3 organ. Garth Hudson: Accordian on "Blue River." Hallvard T. Bjørgum: Hardanger fiddle. Oslo Gospel Choir: backing vocals on "Blue River." Audun Erlen: Bass. Frode Larsen: Harmonica. Vidar Busk: Electric guitar).
Recorded in Oslo. Released 1991, Ryko RCD 10270, 1992.
Liner Notes: Robert Palmer.

Ghosts Upon The Road*


1. Belgian Bar
2. Spanish Steps
3. It Starts With A Lie (with John Leventhal)
4. Trouble In Paris
5. Listen To The Rain
6. Ghosts Upon The Road
7. Too Many Times (I will Try) (with John Leventhal)
8. Carry Me Away
9. Six Senses Of Darkness
10. Irish Lace

Gold Mountain
Records (U.S.), Virgin (Europe), Alert (Canada), Festival (Australia), Pony Canyon (Japan), Plump ( U.S. reissue, 1994) Produced by Steve Addabbo. Eric Andersen: Vocal, guitar, piano, snare drum on title track. Andy Newmark: Drums. Bashiri Johnson and Michael Blair: Percussion. John Leventhal and Steve Addabbo (on"Carry me Away"): Electric and acoustic guitars. Michael Visceglia: Bass. Tony Garnier: Upright acoustic bass. Mark Hamza: Hammond B-3 Organ. Anton Sanko, Steve Gabori, John Leventhal: Keyboard synthesizers. Frode Larsen: harmonica. Marilyn Crispell: Additional piano on "Irish Lace." Barbara Higbie: violin on "Belgian Bar." Shawn Colvin, Eric Andersen: Backup harmonies.
Recorded in New York, 1988.
Released world-wide 1989. Rerelease Plump Records, 1998.
Liner Notes: Robert Palmer.
Cover Photo: Birgit Rudi.



1. Cliffs of Dover (instrumental)
2. Movin' With the Wind
3. Istanbul (Highway song)
4. Is it Love
5. Where Goes my love (sonata)
6. Is it Love (instrumental)
7. Tell me what you Want
8. Where goes my Love (instrumental. Ann Sheldon,
cello; Marilyn Crispell, piano).
9. Higher Ground (Roland Van Campenhout, guitar,
10. Movin' With the Wind (instrumental)

EMI Belgium/ Benelux.
(Sound track album from the film Istanbul.
Directed by Marc Didden. Songs and soundtrack written, composed, produced, and arranged by Eric Andersen. Orchestral arrangements by Ann Sheldon and Eric Andersen with members of the the Brussels Symphony Orchestra and Brussels Opera. Released, 1985, Europe only.
All musician information not available.
Cover Photo: Movie still of Brad Dourif and Dominique DeRuddre.

Tight In The Night

tl_files/EricAndersen/discographie/TightInTheNight .jpg

1. Walkin in my Sleep*
2. Lovin' You, Lovin' Me
3. Jonah*
4. Girls of Denmark
5. Someone in my Life
6. What will you do with my Heart
7. She can Dance*
8. Straight Life*
9. Count on You
10. Tight in the Night*

EMI Sweden/Scandanavia
(Produced by Eric Andersen. 1983 Canadian and Swedish recordings). Released, 1984, in Scandanavia. Japan, 1990, on Pony Canyon Records. *Canadian musicians: Bucky Berger, drums; Terry Wilkins, bass; Scott "Professor" Cushnie, piano and keyboards; Mitch Lewis, guitar; Sax, Jody Golick. Swedish musicians: Pelle Alsing, drums; Backa Hans Eriksson, bass; Hasse Olson, keyboards; Dvid Carlson, guitar; Glen Meyerscough, sax; Per Cussion, percussion; backing vocals: Eva Dahlgren, Mikael Rikfors, Basse Wickman, * Mitch Lewis and Terry Wilkins. Cover Photo: Calle Bengsston, Stockholm.



1. Can't Get You Out Of My Life
2. Down At The Cantina
3. Dreams Of Mexico
4. Liza, Light The Candle
5. Lost In A Song
6. Love Will Meet Again
7. Moonchild Riversong
8. Ol` 55
9. San Diego Serenade
10.The Blues Keep Fallin` Like The Rain
11. Wild Crow Blues

CBS Norway
(Selections from from 3 1970's Arista albums.)
Released Norway, 1981.
(Album personnel information the same).



1. It Must Be Love (EA/ Artie Funaro)
2. Rock 'n Roll Woman
3. Midnight Son
4. Walked Out the Door
5. Picture of my Heart
6. Norway
7. Who's Gonna Keep my Love
8. Come Runnin' Like a Friend
9. Don't Cry Now
10. Thurman
11. Messiah

CBS Norway,
(released in Europe, 1980. Rereleased on CD
1992 Columbia Sony (Norway), remastered by
Morten Lund, Masterhuset) Produced
by Eric Andersen and Brad Stahl; Musicians: Randy Ciarlante: drums; Brad Stahl: bass; Robert Lustgarten: electric and Spanish guitars, Tom Patrick Salisbury: keyboards; Backing Harmonies: Brad Stahl and Robert Lustgarten.
Cover photo: Roger N. Olsen.
CD/Columbia 471677 2.



1. Midnight Son
2. Who's Gonna Keep My Love
3. Don't Cry Now
4. Come Runnin' Like A Friend
5. Walked Out The Door
6. It Must Be Love
7. Messiah
8. Picture In MY Heart
9. Walking In My Sleep
10. Tight In The Night
11. Girls Of Denmark
12. Count On You
13. What Will You Do With My Heart
14. Where Goes My Love
15. Is It Love
16. Tell Me What You Want
17. Higher Ground
18. Movin' With The Wind

A compilation of songs from the albums MIDNIGHT SON, TIGHT IN THE NIGHT,
and ISTANBUL released in Europe in the 1980s.

Best Songs


1. Is It Really Love At All
2. I Shall Go Unbounded
3. Violets Of Dawn
4. Be True To You
5. Hey Babe Have You Been Cheatin'
6. Thirsty Boots
7. Moonchild River Song
8. Blue River
9. Close The Door Lightly
10. Time Run Like A Frieght Train

Arista Records compilation; includes live and new studio recordings.
(Produced by Eric Andersen, Tom Sellers, Norbert Putnam. "Is it Really Love at All" and "Blue River" has same personnel as the 1972 Columbia Blue River album. "Time Run Like a Freight Train," "Be True To You," "Moonchild River Song" has same personnel as the 1975 Arista Be True To You album. Three songs, "Thirsty Boots," "I Shall Go Unbounded" and "Violets of Dawn" were recorded live at the Bitter End, New York.
Eric Andersen, vocal and guitar. Mark Kunkel: harmonica. Arlen Roth: lead acoustic guitar. "Hey Babe Have You Been Cheatin" and "Close The Door Lightly" were recorded in Los Angeles. Eric Andersen, vocal and guitar. Mike Baird: drums. Bob Glaub: bass. Jesse Ed Davis: guitar. Bill Smith Piano. Steve Woods and Brooks Hunnicut: background vocals. Bobbye Hall: percussion.
Cover Photo: Ken Regan, Camea 5.

Sweet Surprise


1. Lost In A Song
2. How It Goes
3. Dreams Of Mexico
4. San Diego Serenade (Tom Waits)
5. Sweer Surprise
6. Down At The Cantina
7. Crazy River
8. Love Will Meet Again

Arista Records.
(Produced by Tom Sellers. Eric Andersen: vocals and acoustic guitar. Chis Parker: drums. Richard Bell: keyboards and ARP synthesizer. Tony Brown: bass. Arlen Roth: lead acoustic and electric guitar. David Mansfield: fiddle and guitar. Antonio Ramos: percussion. Tom Sellers: additional keyboards. June (Sister Joon) Millington: additional acoustic and electric guitar. Tim Scmitt: background vocal on "Sweet Surprise." Silver (John Batdorf, Brent Mydland, Greg Coller): background vocals on "Crazy River" and "Dreams of Mexico." Jennifer Condos: acoustic guitar and vocal duet on "Love Will Meet Again." Happy Traum: concertina and mandolin on "Down at the Cantina." Paul Horan: Acoustic guitar and harmony on "Lost in a Song." Dennis Perracra: background vocals on 'Lost in a Song." Wacky Jacky Robbins: cello on "Love Will Meet Again." Ben Keith: steel guitar on "How it Goes" and "Sweet Surprise." Tom Scott: sax on "San Diego Serenade." Tim Schmitt: Background vocal on "Sweet Surprise." Concert Master: Syd Sharp. Strings arranged by Tom Sellers and Eric Andersen.
Recorded in New York and Los Angeles. Arista LP 4075, 1976. Liner Notes: Eric Andersen.
Cover Photo: Guy Cross, Woodstock.

Be True To You


1. Moonchild River Song
2. Be True To You
3. Wild Crow Blues
4. Ol' 55 (Tom Waits)
5. Time Run Like A Freight Train
6. Liza, Light The Candle
7. Woman, She Was Gentle
8. Can't Get You Out Of My Life
9. The Blues Keep Fallin Like The Rain
10. Love is Just A Game

Arista Records.
(Produced by Tom Sellers and John Florez.
Eric Andersen, vocals, acoustic and 12-string guitars, harmonica, Fender Rhodes electric piano. Drums: John Guerin, Russ Kunkel, Dennis St, John. Bass: Scott Edwards, Mark Sporer, Emory Gordy. Electric guitar: Dean Parks, Chris Bond, Richard Bennett. Piano: Tom Hemsley, Allen Lindgren. Acoustic guitars, dobro: Howie Emerson. Percussion: Gary Coleman. Tenor Saxophone: Tom Scott. Electric Clavinet: Tom Sellers. Electric Wurlitzer: Allen Lindgren. Flute: Ernie Watts. Cello: Jesse Ehrlich. Concert Master and first violin: Emanuel Moss. Backup singers: Jennifer Warren, Andy Robinson, Eric Andersen, Ginger Blake, Maxine Willard Waters, Julia Tillman Waters, Doug Haywood, Jackson Browne, Herb Pedersen, Mike Condello, Deborah Green-Andersen, Joni Mitchell, Orwin Middleton, and Maria Muldaur. Recorded in Los Angeles, 1974. Arista AL 4033. 1975.
Cover Photo: Edie Baskin.

Blue River*


1. Is It Really Love At All
2. Pearl's Goodtime Blues
3. Wind and Sand
4. Faithful
5. Blue River
6. Florentine
7. Sheila
8. More Often Than Not (David Wiffen)
9. Round The Bend
Re-issue bonus tracks:
10. Come To My Bedside
11. Why Don't You Love Me (Hank Williams)

Columbia Records.
(Produced by Norbert Putnam. Eric Andersen (acoustic guitar, piano and harmonicas). Guitars: Andy Johnson, Eddie Hinton, Grady Martin. Bass: Norbert Putnam, Mark Sporer. Drums: Kenny Buttrey, Jim McKevitt, Richard Schlosser. Perussion: Gerry Carrigan, Kenny Buttrey. B- 3 Organ: Glenn Spreen, David Briggs. Accordian: Kevin Kelly. Steel Guitar: Weldon Myrick. Dobro: David Bromberg. Vibes: Andy Johnson, Farrel Morris. Piano: Deborah Green Andersen, David Briggs Woodwind and string arrangements: Glenn Spreen. Background vocals: Joni Mitchell, Eric Andersen, Deborah Green Andersen, Florence Warner, The ordanaires, The Holidays with Temple Riser).
Columbia Records 1972. Columbia CD CK 31062, 1988.
Columbia Sony . Remastered re-issue, Sony Legacy,
1999 CK65696 includes 2 bonus tracks: Charlie McCoy, dobro). Blue River was recorded in 1971 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, and New York.
Mixed in Nashville. Cover Photo: Don Nelson.



1. It's Comin' And It Won't Be Long
2. An Old Song
3. Louise
4. Think About It
5. So Hard To Fall
6. Good To Be With You
7. (We Were) Foolish Like The Flowers
8. Avalanche
9. For What Was Gained

Warner Brothers Records.
(Produced by Eric Andersen and Jerry Goldstein. Eric Andersen vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, and piano. Bass: Steven Anander, Bruce Langhorn, Chuck Rainey. Drums: Nick Gefroe, Herb Lovelle. Tambourines: Bruce Langhorn. Guitars: Andy Johnson, Bruce Langhorn. Piano: Lee Crabtree, Debbie Green. Steel Guitar: Jay Dee Manness. "Think About It " arranged by Paul Harris. "For What Was Gained" the lost album", Gene aige).
Recorded in Los Angeles. Warner Brothers 1970.
*CD rerelease WPCP-4731, 1990 (Japan only).
Cover design: Eve Babbitz

The Best Of Eric Andersen*



1. My Land Is A Good Land
2. Hey Babe, Have You Been Cheatin'
3. Thirsty Boots
4. The Hustler
5. Close The Door Lightly
6. Lovesick Blue
7. Eyes Gently Rolling
8. Just A Country Dream
9. Devon, You Look Like Heaven
10. All I Remember Is You
11. Song To J.C.B.
12. Dusty Box Car Wall
13. Looking Glass
14. Bumble Bee
15. Violets Of Dawn
16. Rollin' Home
17. Miss Lonely Are You Blue
18. Broken Hearted Mama
19. A Woman Is A Prism
20. Hello, Sun

20 song compilation from The Vanguard albums
Today is the Highway, 'Bout Changes 'n Things Take 2, Tin Can Alley, and A Country Dream.. 'Bout Changes 'n Things Take 2,
Produced by Bill Szymszyk. With Paul Harris
piano, B-3 organ, chimes; Harvey Brooks, bass; Herbie Lovelle, drums. A Country Dream, Eric Andersen guitar and vocals. Andy Johnson, lead guitar; Ken Buttrey, drums; Norbert Putnam, bass; David Briggs, piano; Weldon Myrick, steel guitar; Charlie McCoy, Hammond B-3 organ, harmonica, banjo, dobro.)
Recorded in New York and Nashville. Vanguard
LP VSD-7/8, 1970. Rereleased on CD*, 1988.
Cover Photo: John Pilla.

Eric Andersen


1. Don't Leave Me Here For Dead
2. It Wasn't A Lie
3. Sign Of A Desperate Man
4. I Will Wait
5. What Is It Like To Be Free
6. She Touched Me
7. Lie With Me
8. I Was The Rebel (She Was The Cause)
9. Secrets
10. Go Now, Deborah

Warner Brothers Records.
(Produced by Paul Tannen. Eric Andersen vocal, piano, and guitar. Bass: Norbert Putnam. Drums: Ken Buttrey. Guitars: Andy Johnson, Charlie McCoy. Steel Guitar: Weldon Myrick.Piano: Paul Harris, David Briggs, Debbie Green. Strings and Horns arranged by Paul Harris. Backing Vocals: Hurshel's Group).
Recorded in Madison, Tennessee. Mixed in New York and Los Angeles.
Warner BrothersLP, 1969, *CD rerelease
WPCP- 4732, 1990 (Japan only).

A Country Dream


1. (Sitting On) The Dock Of The Bay
2. All I Remember Is You
3. Deborah, I Love You
4. Devon, You Look Like Heaven
5. Eyes Gently Rolling
6. Just A Country Dream
7. Lovesick Blues
8. Second Time Around
9. Smashville Jam (instrumental)
10. Waves Of Freedom

Vanguard Records.
(Eric Andersen, guitar and vocals. Andy Johnson, lead guitar. Ken Buttrey, drums. Norbert Putnam,bass. David Briggs, piano. Weldon Myrick, steel guitar. Charlie McCoy, B-3 organ,harmonica, banjo, and dobro).
Recorded in Madison, Tennesee.
Vanguard LP VSD-6540, 1969.
Cover Photo: John Pilla

Tin Can Alley *


1. Tin Can Alley, Part 1
2. 16 Year Grudge
3. Miss Lonely, Are You Blue
4. Mary Sunshine
5. Honey
6. Just a Little Something
7. Rollin' Home
8. On The Edge Of You
9. Broken-Hearted Mama
10. Hello Sun
11. A Woman is a Prism
12. Tin Can Alley (Part 2, conclusion)

Vanguard Records.
(Produced and arranged by Al Gorgoni. Eric Andersen, guitar and vocals. Electric Guitars:Hugh McCraken, Bob Rafkin, Don Thomas, Al Kooper, and Amos Garret. Bass: Bob Bushnell, Joe Mack, Steve Anander. Drums: Al Rogers, Herb Lovelle, Bobby Gregg. Percussion: George Devins, Jack Jennings, Herb Lovelle. Piano: Debbie Green, Paul Harris, Paul Griffin. Concert Master for strings and horns: Irving Spice.) Recorded in New York.
Vanguard LP VSD 79271, 1968. Rereleased
Vanguard CD 79271-2, 1994.
Cover Photo: Jerry Schatzberg.

'Bout Changes 'n Things Take 2


1. Close The Door Lightly
2. That's Alright Mama (Arthur Crudup)
3. Blind Fiddler
4. The Hustler
5. Thirsty Boots
6. My Land Is A Good Land
7. Hey Babe, Have You Been Cheatin'
8. Cross Your Mind
9. Champion At Keeping Them Rolling (Ewan McCall)
10. I Shall Go Unbounded
11. Violets Of Dawn
12. The Girl I Love

Vanguard Records.
(Produced by Bill Szymszyk. Eric Andersen, vocals, guitar, and harmonica). Bass: Harvey Brooks. Piano, Hammond B-3 organ, and chimes: Paul Harris. Drums: Herbie Lovelle). Recorded in New York.
Vanguard VSD 79236, 1966.
Cover Photo: Joel Brodsky.

'Bout Changes 'n Things*


1. Violets of Dawn
2. The Girl I love
3. That's Alright Mama (Arthur Crudup)
4. Thirsty Boots
5. The Hustler
6. Cross Your Mind
7. I Shall Go Unbounded
8. Champion at Keeping Them Rolling (Ewin McCall)
9. Hey Babe, You Been Cheatin
10. Blind Fiddler
11. Close The Door Lightly When You Go
12. My Land Is A Good Land

Vanguard Records.
(Acoustic version. Eric Andersen accompanying himself on acoustic guitar and harmonica.
Debbie Green, 2nd guitar. Harvey Brooks, bass)
Recorded in New York. Vanguard LP VRS- 79206, 1966.
Vanguard rerelease CD VMD 79206, 1993.
Cover Photo: Joel Brodsky.

Today Is The Highway*


1. Time For My Returnin
2. Dusty Box Car Wall
3. Why Does The Bumblebee Fly
4. Everything Ain't Been Said
5. The Looking Glass
6. Rambler's Lament
7. By The Bay of Mexico
8. Come To My Bedside
9. Today is the Highway
10. Never Comin' Home
11. Baby Please Don't Go (Big Joe Williams)

Vanguard Records.
(Eric Andersen accompanying himself on guitars and harmonica. Debbie Green, second guitar).
Recorded in New York. Vanguard LP, 1965.
Vanguard CD re-release, 1994. Cover Photo: David Gahr.4

The Original New Folks*


1. Boot of Blue
2. Dusty Box Car Wall
3. Come To My Bedside
4. Rambler's Lament

Vanguard Records.
(with Phil Ochs, Lisa Kindred, Bob Jones, The Greenbriar Boys, Hedy West, Jackie Washington, and David Gude). Vanguard LP, 1964. Vanguard
CD rerelease, 1993. VCD-143/44

Eric Andersen Selected Songs * 


1. Blue River 

2. Close The Door Lightly 

3. Come To My Bedside 

4. Everything Ain't Been Said 

5. Faithful 

6. Ghosts Upon The Road 
7. Irish Lace 

8. Is It Really Love 

9. Listen To The Rain 

10. Moonchild Riversong 

11. Come Runnin' Like A Friend 

12. Sheila 

13. Spanish Steps 

14. Thirsty Boots 

15. Time Run Like A Freight Train 

16. Trouble In Paris 

17. Violets Of Dawn 

18. Wild Crow Blues 

19. Wind And Sand

Cherry Lane Music
Song Book (Edited by Milton Okun. Distributed by Hal Leonard. Piano, vocal, guitar arrangements and photos. Song captions by Eric Andersen). Cherry 
Lane Music, P.O. Box 430, Port Chester, NY 10573. 1993.

The following two CD's are complilations including Eric Andersen




Rykodisc 1995

Recordings of the published and previously unpublished poetry of Jack Kerouac. Includes performances by: Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, Morphine, Lydia Lunch, Matt Dillon, Michael Stipe, Hunter S. Thompson, Allen Ginsberg, Eddie Vedder, John Cale, Johnny Depp, and Patti Smith.




Sliced Bread 1996

A Recorded compilation of Phil Ochs songs. Includes performances by: Magpie, Sammy Walker, Peter Yarrow, Iain Matthews, Arlo Guthrie, Tom Paxton, The Roches, John Wesley Harding, John Gorka, Billy Bragg, Dave Van Ronk, and Katy Moffatt.




Hyperion Press 1999

Includes essays, photographs, and interviews on the Beat Generation by and with: David Amram, Lester Bangs, William S. Burroughs, Carolyn Cassady, Ann Charters, Ira Cohen, Anthony De Curtis, Johnny Depp, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Robert Frank, David Gahr, Allen Ginsberg, Richard Hell, Annie Leibovitz, Greil Marcus, Robert Palmer, Graham Parker, Lee Renaldo, Aram Saroyan, Patti Smith, and Hunter S. Thompson

(*currently available on CD) and SONGBOOK